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Top To Bottom Hit Songs | New Kannada Audio Jukebox | Chandan Shetty Selected Hit Audio Songs 2018

Listen All Songs Top To Bottom Hit Songs.From Chandan Shetty Voice Exclusive Only On Anand Audio..!!!
You can also download this album from
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id1330652381?app=itunes&ign-itsct=ALBUM-ALBUM&ign-itscg=0177
Saavn: https://www.saavn.com/s/album/kannada/Top-To-Bottom-Hit-Songs-of-Chandan-Shetty-2018/9eFcOGMoRCY_
Hungama: http://www.hungama.com/album/top-to-bottom-hit-songs-of-chandan-shetty/33058282/
Wynk: https://www.wynk.in/music/album/Top-To-Bottom-Hit-Songs-of-Chandan-Shetty/si_TopToBottomHitSongsofChandanShetty
idea: http://www.ideamusiclounge.com/mobileshare/?es=dHlwZT1hbGJ1bSZpZD0zNDE4MDQ=
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1) To Set “Top To Bottom” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432116291210/Vodafone Dial 5379687321
Idea Dial 5379687321/Docomo Dial 5432119687321
BSNL SMS BT 9687321 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT………….. to 53000
2) To Set “Nentru Bartarey” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432116325835/Vodafone Dial 5379763068
Idea Dial 567899763068/Docomo Dial 5432119763068
BSNL SMS BT 9763068 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 6837937 to 53000
3) To Set “Ishq Dishq-Love Break Up Anthem” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432116364430/Vodafone Dial 5379832968
Idea Dial 567899832968/Docomo Dial 5432119832968
BSNL SMS BT 9832968 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 6860099 to 53000
4) To Set “Somebody Say” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432116128502/Vodafone Dial 5379241340
Idea Dial 567899241340/Docomo Dial 5432119241340
BSNL SMS BT 9241340 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 6564908 to 53000
5) To Set “Bolo Iska Naam” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432115572626/Vodafone Dial 5378041289
Idea Dial 567898041289/Docomo Dial 5432118041289
BSNL SMS BT 8041289 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 6097753 to 53000
6) To Set “Preethi Maado Manasu Kotte” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432112525282/Vodafone Dial 5373393892
Idea Dial 567893393892/Docomo Dial 5432113393892
BSNL SMS BT 3393892 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 1855324 to 53000
7) To Set “O Premi” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114558509/Vodafone Dial 5375904861
Idea Dial 567895904861/Docomo Dial 5432115904861
BSNL SMS BT 5904861 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 2438192 to 53000
8) To Set “Theme Of Chakravyuha” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432115358090/Vodafone Dial 5377530281
Idea Dial 567897530281/Docomo Dial 5432117530281
BSNL SMS BT 7530281 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 5906715 to 53000
9) To Set “Ayyayyo Charlie” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114584911/Vodafone Dial 5375937335
Idea Dial 5375937335/Docomo Dial 5432115937335
BSNL SMS BT 5937335 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 2438205 to 53000
10) To Set “Yaramma Yaramma” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432112526595/Vodafone Dial 5373474334
Idea Dial 5373474334/Docomo Dial 5432113474334
BSNL SMS BT 3474334 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 1883010 to 53000
11) To Set “Kidi Theme” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432116255911/Vodafone Dial 5379556355
Idea Dial 567899556355/Docomo Dial 5432119556355
BSNL SMS BT 9556355 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 6677614 to 53000
12) To Set “Bikeali Petrolu Khali” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114679955/Vodafone Dial 5376097758
Idea Dial 567896097758/Docomo Dial 5432116097758
BSNL SMS BT 6097758 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 2475254 to 53000
13) To Set “Sarkaar” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432115417563/Vodafone Dial 5377714805
Idea Dial 567897714805/Docomo Dial 5432117714805
BSNL SMS BT 7714805 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 5985341 to 53000
14) To Set “Sarkaar” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114346226/Vodafone Dial 5375594258
Idea Dial 567895594258/Docomo Dial 5432115594258
BSNL SMS BT 5594258 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 2352365 to 53000
15) To Set “Naanu Yaaru” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114823504/Vodafone Dial 5376355831
Idea Dial 567896355831/Docomo Dial 5432116355831
BSNL SMS BT 6355831 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 3543062 to 53000
16) To Set “Kannina Kaadige” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432112525280/Vodafone Dial 5373393890
Idea Dial 567893393890/Docomo Dial 5432113393890
BSNL SMS BT 3393890 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 1855322 to 53000
17) To Set “Muddu Hudugi” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432116074619/Vodafone Dial 5379079543
Idea Dial 567899079543/Docomo Dial 5432119079543
BSNL SMS BT 9079543 to 56700/Aircel SMS DT 6520621 to 53000

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