Shreya Ghoshal Super Hits | Shreya Ghoshal Kannada Songs | Jukebox 2017 | New Kannada Seleted Hits

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Listen to all the song from The Album Shreya Ghoshal Super Hits exclusively on Anand Audio.
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01: Song: Saaluthillave/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
02: Song: Ullasada Hoomale/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
03: Song: Mandhaarave/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
04: Song: Male Ninthu/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
05: Song: Male Baruvahagide/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
06: Song: Yello Jhinugiruva/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
07: Song: Gaganave Baagi/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
08: Song: Nee Mohisu/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
09: Song: Aalochane/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
10: Song: O Premada Poojaari/ Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
11: Song: Kakig Banna Kaanta/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
12: Song: Kaadiruve Ninagagi/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
13: Song: Nee Nanagoskara/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
14: Song: Naa Nimma Rambhe/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
15: Song: Nachle Nachle/Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
01) To Set “Saaluthillave” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432115621729/Vodafone Dial 5378115929
Idea Dial 567898115929/Docomo Dial 5432118115929
BSNL BT 8115929 to 56700/Aircel DT 6129236 to 53000
02) To Set “Ullasada Hoomale” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114142975/Vodafone Dial 537643674
Idea Dial 56789643674/Docomo Dial 543211643674
BSNL BT 643674 to 56700/Aircel DT 480731 to 53000
03) To Set “Mandhaarave” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114200037/Vodafone Dial 5372623063
Idea Dial 567892623063/Docomo Dial 5432112623063
BSNL BT 2623063 to 56700/Aircel DT 497338 to 53000
04) To Set “Male Ninthu Hoda” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114310290/Vodafone Dial 5372628912
Idea Dial 567892628912/Docomo Dial 5432112628912
BSNL BT 2628912 to 56700/Aircel DT 520714 to 53000
05) To Set “Male Baruvahagide” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114317525/Vodafone Dial 5372634540
Idea Dial 567892634540/Docomo Dial 5432112634540
BSNL BT 2634540 to 56700/Aircel DT 933453 to 53000
06) To Set “Yello Jhinugiruva” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114143235/Vodafone Dial 53780836
Idea Dial 56789641476/Docomo Dial 543211641476
BSNL BT 641476 to 56700/Aircel DT 480408 to 53000
07) To Set “Gaganave Baagi” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432112238207/Vodafone Dial 53711809684
Idea Dial 567891172561/Docomo Dial 5432111172561
BSNL BT 1172561 to 56700/Aircel DT 1429546 to 53000
08) To Set “Nee Mohisu” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432112234091/Vodafone Dial 5372629827
Idea Dial 567892629827/Docomo Dial 5432112629827
BSNL BT 2629827 to 56700/Aircel DT 1405489 to 53000
09) To Set “Aalochane” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432112308503/Vodafone Dial 5372752631
Idea Dial 567892752631/Docomo Dial 5432112752631
BSNL BT 2752631 to 56700/Aircel DT 3659383 to 53000
10) To Set “O Premada Poojaari” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114288214/Vodafone Dial 5373257249
Idea Dial 567893257249/Docomo Dial 5432113257249
BSNL BT 3257249 to 56700/Aircel DT 1789947 to 53000
11) To Set “Kakig Banna Kaanta” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114027978/Vodafone Dial 5374964214
Idea Dial 567894964214/Docomo Dial 5432114964214
BSNL BT 4964214 to 56700/Aircel DT 2152415 to 53000
12) To Set “Kaadiruve Ninagagi” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114581420/Vodafone Dial 5375928087
Idea Dial 567895928087/Docomo Dial 5432115928087
BSNL BT 5928087 to 56700/Aircel DT 2438216 to 53000
13) To Set “Nee Nanagoskara” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432115389917/Vodafone Dial 5377629039
Idea Dial 567897629039/Docomo Dial 5432117629039
BSNL BT 7629039 to 56700/Aircel DT 5962570 to 53000
14) To Set “Naa Nimma Rambhe” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432114063809/Vodafone Dial 5375019530
Idea Dial 567895019530/Docomo Dial 5432115019530
BSNL BT 5019530 to 56700/Aircel DT 2215805 to 53000
15) To Set “Nachle Nachle” as Your Caller Tune!!!
AirTel Dial 5432115271090/Vodafone Dial 5377330117
Idea Dial 567897330117/Docomo Dial 5432117330117
BSNL BT 7330117 to 56700/Aircel DT 6442489 to 53000

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